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Istanbul Arel University was established by Kemal Gözükara Education Foundation 14 years ago. Provide students who want to develop not only their own future, but also the future of the society which they live in.

With more than a hundred programs in almost every field from social sciences to health sciences, fine arts to engineering departments, we invite our prospective students who research question and confident more than what they receive, to join us and become a member of the İstanbul Arel University family.

Applications for the

Fall Semester Have Begun

International Students can now apply for the 2022-2023 Fall Semester



Istanbul Arel University, since its foundation, has been acting with the vision of being a world-class university. Within this context, and conscious of the changes in the globalising world, the University gives great importance to developing and diversifying international relations. Arel University International Office has been established for this purpose. In this respect, International Office has accepted international students since 2009. As for the distribution of students who choose us, our students are mainly from Middle East, Caucasia, Central Asia and Africa.

Istanbul Arel University, while rapidly progressing on its way to being a world-class university, develops cooperation with universities in countries outside the European Higher Education Area and makes arrangements for admission of students from these countries. Within this context, principal objectives of the International Office include increasing opportunities for enhancing cooperation with universities in America, Canada, Africa, Middle East, Japan and China. “Directive on International Student Admissions” has been established to systematize international student admissions, and an increasing number of international students from various countries have been admitted to the University.

Istanbul Arel University’s mission includes providing the best education for all students without discrimination, and the International Office undertakes this mission in the international context.


ISTANBUL AREL UNIVERSITY IS REPRESENTED IN THE INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC FORUMAs Istanbul Arel University, we participated to 10th International Economic Forum “Eurasia – the territory of the future”. The event was held on June 24-25 organized by İstanbul Arel University, RECON, TurkSib, Siberian School of Corporate Management, and REBTEK.The event started with the participation of the…

Arel University pays an important visit to Iraqi Embassy in Ankara

Arel University pays an important visit to Iraqi Embassy in Ankara Our University Rector Prof. Dr. A. Ercan Gegez, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Bahtışen Kavak and Director of International Marketing and Student Recruitment Office,  Kerem Can Erikgenoğlu, went to visit Prof. Dr. Hussein B. Alhawash, the Cultural Undersecretary of the Iraqi Embassy who started to…

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 Students who have registered at our university but have not been vaccinated will be able to get their vaccinations in the vaccination tent that is going to be set up by the Health Directorate officials at Büyükçekmece Kemal Gözükara Campus on Wednesday, November 10, between 11:00 and 15:00.Our students who have been vaccinated in their…

On Student’s Shuttles

Dear Students,While our new academic year is beginning, there has been a need to make a regulation on our shuttles. Our new rule comes into effect as of Monday, September 11th, 2021. Below you can find new arrangements:It is not possible for students to get on shuttles without ARELİM app on their phones.Students shall get…

Important Announcement

Dear Student,Fall Semester of 2021/2022 Academic Year will start face to face on 04.10.2021 . Preventive measures for Covid-19 will be applied at the campus entrances.1- It is important and necessary that you give ‘APPROVAL’ to the sharing of your data with the Ministry of Health via ‘Life fits into Home’ Hayat Eve Sığar- HES)…

Applications for the International Student Scholarship Exam Have Started

The applications for the International Student Scholarship Exam from which prospective international students can benefit when applying to study at Istanbul Arel University have started.Below is the link for the online application page. 

Attention for International Students

Dear students, According to the decisions, a full closure period will be started from 19:00 on Thursday, April 29, 2021, until 05:00 on Monday, May 17, 2021.It also covers for all Foreigners / International Students who are in our country. It also includes for residence permit holders, persons under temporary protection status or international protection applicants…

Living in İstanbul

The lands on which Turkey is currently situated named “Anatolia” were occupied by diverse cultures including Aiols, Dors, Ionias, Thracians and Persians during the Palaeolithic age.