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Welcome to the International Office of Istanbul Arel University!


The International Office is a dedicated department within Istanbul Arel University that aims to provide comprehensive support and services to international students, scholars, and researchers. We strive to create an inclusive and vibrant global community on campus, fostering cross-cultural understanding and academic excellence.


Our team is committed to assisting international students at every stage of their academic journey, from initial inquiry to graduation. Here’s a brief overview of the key areas we cover:


  • Admissions and Enrollment: We provide guidance and information on the application process, admission requirements, and deadlines for international Our team can help answer questions about visas, scholarships, and any specific requirements for international applicants.


  • Student Services: We offer a range of services tailored to meet the needs of international This includes assistance with orientation programs, healthcare services, and student support networks. We are here to ensure a smooth transition into university life and offer ongoing support throughout your studies.


  • Academic Support: Our office collaborates with academic departments and faculty to provide academic advising and support services for international We can help with course registration, study plans, and provide resources for academic success. Additionally, we offer language support programs, such as English language courses or conversation partners, to enhance your language skills.


  • Cultural Integration and Events: We organize various cultural and social events throughout the academic year to promote cultural exchange and integration among students from different backgrounds. These events include international festivals, workshops, language exchange programs, and intercultural competency


  • International Partnerships and Exchange Programs: The International Office facilitates collaborations with partner universities and coordinates student exchange programs. We provide information on study abroad opportunities, help with application processes, and support students during their exchange


  • Immigration and Visa Assistance: We offer guidance on immigration regulations, visa applications, and provide resources to help you maintain your legal status while studying at Istanbul Arel Our team can answer questions regarding work permits, visa extensions, and other related matters.


  • Alumni Network: We stay connected with our international alumni and offer ongoing support and networking opportunities beyond We aim to build a strong global community and provide resources for career development and professional growth.


The International Office is here to assist you and ensure that your experience at Istanbul Arel University is enriching and fulfilling. Feel free to explore our website for more information, contact details, and resources to help you make the most of your international journey with us.


We look forward to welcoming you to our university community and supporting you throughout your time at Istanbul Arel University!


Acting Director


 0090 850 850 2735 Ex: 1163

Omid SALIMI LAK(Iranian)



0090 850 850 2735 Ex: 1356 /
Whatsapp: 0090 539 668 71 98


Vice Specialist


0090 850 850 2735 Ex: 1575

Devrim ARAP

Vice Specialist


0090 850 850 2735 Ex: 1637

Husna ZEKI

Student Assistant


0090 850 850 2735 Ex: 1501

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0090 539 550 66 37

0090 534 276 7135