Visa and Residence Permit

Istanbul Arel University - International Office

General Health Insurance for International Students

Requirements to obtain general health insurance:


  • Locate your foreign ID number on your residence permit.
  • If you do not know your foreign ID number, visit tckimlik.nvi.gov.tr/ to find it out. If you are unable to find out your ID number after visiting this website, go to the foreigners’ department of a police station with your residence permit and ask for your foreign ID number.
  • Obtain a print out of the page from the website given above specifying your name, surname and foreign ID number.
  • Submit a copy of the abovementioned document to the International Student Office (If you have already done this step, you don’t need to repeat it.)
  • Yabancı Uyruklu numaranız ile birlikte herhangi bir Ziraat Bankası Şubesine giderek pirim borçlarınızı ödeyebilirsiniz.
  • You can pay your premium debt by visiting a Ziraat Bank branch with your foreign ID number.


Student Visa and Residence Permit for International Students

A student visa is not required for registration.

In accordance with the legislation of the Ministry of the Interior put into effect on 17.06.2014, the requirement of presenting a student visa during registration to universities has been revoked for students from countries that are exempt from a visa to enter Turkey. For more information, visit www.mfa.gov.tr/visa-information-for-foreigners.en.mfa.

All students must apply for a residence permit within a month after their entry to Turkey at the latest.

In accordance with the decision taken by the Ministry of the Interior, actions and processes regarding foreigners are now carried out by Provincial Directorates of Migration Management. Accordingly, all processes regarding foreigners (including the processes carried out by the foreigners’ department of district police departments) are carried out at the service building of Provincial Directorate of Migration Management (Vatan Caddesi, No: 64, Istanbul)

The documents specified below are required for the residence permit processes carried out by the Directorate of Migration Management. You can get an appointment for residence permit at e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr/.

You can call the Communication Centre for Foreigners to obtain any information regarding your entry to Turkey, stay in Turkey, exit from Turkey by dialing 157 or by visiting www.goc.gov.tr.

Required Documents


1.An application form obtained from e-residence;
This form is created on the e-residence (https://e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr/) system. The form must be printed out and signed by the foreign national student.


2.A Document Specifying the Address Details
International students are required to submit a document regarding the place of residence (rental, dormitory, hostel, etc.) in Turkey and the document must clearly and understandably verify that the person is staying at that address. (If the student stays in a dormitory, a signed/stamped document must be obtained from the dormitory administration; if it is rental, a notarized rental agreement must be obtained; if the person is staying with an acquaintance, a written contract must be issued with the accountant resident by a notary or any other document must be presented if the housing is different from the above-mentioned)


3.A receipt certifying that the fee required for obtaining residence permit has been paid
International students must present this receipt obtained after the fee has been paid to an authorized revenue office or authorized banks along with the application form.


4.The following documents must be obtained if the applicant is under age 18:
a) A Letter of Consent must be obtained from authorities in the country of the applicant certifying that the parents of the applicant permit him/her to live and study in Turkey. However, if the parents are legally present in Turkey, this document will not be requested additionally.b) A Birth Certificate is requested form the applicant if the ID card/passport of the applicant cannot confirm the legal parents.c) The letter of consent and the birth certificate must be apostilled. The apostilled documents are processed with both the original document and its notarised Turkish translation presented together.Note: The residence permit can be issued up to 2 months before the expiry date of the passport. If the student has 3 months before the expiry date, he/she can obtain a maximum of 1-month residence permit. Therefore, the expiry date of the passport must be extended by referring to the Directorate of Migration Management.


Students who wish to extend their residence permits must make an appointment 2 months before the end of their residency. If the residence permit has expired, it will be processed (with a penalty) provided that an appointment is made within 10 days from the expiry date. The appointments that are made on the 11th day are deemed invalid and it is required to exit and enter the country in order to obtain a residence permit again. This also applies to the graduating students.


Note: Do not leave the country without obtaining a residence permit first.



1.What is the medium of instruction at Istanbul Arel University?
The medium of instruction at Istanbul Arel University is either Turkish or English depending on the programme/department.


2.How can I apply?
In order to register to a degree programme, applicants must fill in the online application form at isa.arel.edu.tr and submit the required documents.


3.Is there a health unit at Istanbul Arel University?
Students can consult the university health centre on both campuses that provides necessary medical assistance with a doctor and nurses on duty and receive many types of medical procedures such as immediate treatment, medication administration, medical dressing, tension measuring.


4.Is Istanbul Arel University involved in study, internship and volunteer abroad programmes?
Istanbul Arel University offers study, internship and volunteer abroad programmes as part of the cooperation established with 117 universities in 24 European countries via the Erasmus+ Programme.


5.Does Istanbul Arel University offer any sports activities?
Sports activities at Istanbul Arel University are provided by the Sports Club established within the Student Clubs Association. The main aim of the Sports Club is to strengthen the spirit of Istanbul Arel University and represent Istanbul Arel University in the best way in inter-university sports organizations by bringing students and the academic and administrative staff together under the common ground of sports. The university administration encourages sports activities, the establishment of university teams, participation in events and holding organisations.


6.What social activities does Istanbul Arel University have to offer?
The professional, scientific, social, artistic, cultural and sporting activities of the students at Istanbul Arel University are conducted by the student clubs.The student clubs are organizations through which students develop their teamwork skills, socialize, a sense of responsibility is established and activities that contribute to the professional and personal development of the students are organized. For this reason, it is of great importance for students to be a member of at least one student club and participate in activities in their university lives.Regardless of the programme/department studied, all of the clubs are open to all Istanbul Arel University students. Students can become a member of any club in accordance with their interests and abilities.


7.Does Istanbul Arel University offer any kind of assistance to the students and graduates in finding jobs?
To lead the students and graduates on their career paths, the Istanbul Arel University’s ArelKAM- Career Planning, Application and Research Centre and Alumni Association offer students consulting services and platforms to access a wide range of job opportunities.


8.What are the transportation services to and from Istanbul Arel University?
For the students studying at the Kemal Gözükara Campus, there are free shuttle buses operating between the campus and TÜYAP metrobus station on weekdays.


Prospective Students