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Arel Student Houses

Istanbul Arel University offers the Arel Student Houses, which are essentially a number of villas located in close proximity to the Kemal Gözükara Campus, exclusively to all students studying at the University.


The Arel Student Houses offer comfortable living spaces where all needs of the residents are met. All villas within the Arel Student Houses provide fully furnished bedrooms, bathrooms, common living areas and kitchens. They are also equipped with computers, printers, drawing tables, wireless internet and TVs, all of which are complimentary.


Within the Arel Student Houses, there are also a semi-olympic swimming pool, a football pitch and basketball and volleyball courts, indoor and outdoor common living areas, a restaurant, a supermarket and two cafeterias. The Arel Student Houses consist of the Men’s Houses and the Women’s Houses which are located separate from each other and offer single, double and triple rooms.


Cleaning services for the rooms and common areas are provided throughout the day and administration, security, health unit and technical personnel are available 24 hours a day.


for the Arel Student Houses fees.

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